School Stories Description

A limited edition hand printed and bound book consisting of drawings, text, photographic images and two audio CDs containing 20 stories with an introduction by Arthur C. Danto in a numbered and signed edition of 75 with 10 artist proofs and 15 Hors Commerce. ISBN # 0-9742191-1-8

Where Do We Start? refers to how we all enter the system of education as an institution and as a process. This book is constructed from stories solicited by Thomas Rose and Bryant Griffith and are part of the project School Stories.

Where Do We Start? Is a dyslectic's book, a book that appears random and inconsistent yet it is connected to the way we learn. It is an association of images and thoughts expressed by a group of men between the ages of 45 and 85. All have long passed their formal schooling and have made their way in the world with little time or inclination to look back. And yet it is this looking back that gives the work its intimacy.

The school atmosphere that we remember with either pain or pleasure provides some of our most powerful and enduring memories, and it is these memories that shape us and identify us for years.

As an artist my interest is in the subjective "space" of these early educational experiences and the common thread that connects us.

The photographic images, drawings, editing, constructed text and layouts are by Thomas Rose as is the audio editing and sound design, CD graphic is by Mary Rose with final mastering and production of the CDs by PowerHouse Studios of Minneapolis. Wilber Schilling of Indulgence Press in Minneapolis is responsible for letterpress printing, binding and the format.

The photographic images were printed on an Epson 2000photostylus inkjet printer onto Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Duo, mould-made paper. Text and line art were printed from photopolymer plates on a sp-20 cylinder press.


The McKnight Foundation's Photography fellowship program, The Fesler-Lampert Humanities endowment, and the Graduate School of the University of Minnesota.


Thomas A Rose, visual artist, Minneapolis
Paul Vangelisti, poet, Los Angeles
Jim Moore, poet, Minneapolis
David Goldes, photographer, Minneapolis
Jeff Aper, educator, Ohio
Ambassador William Clark, director, Japan Society, New York
Clarence Morgan, painter, Minneapolis
Robert Reford, educator, Nova Scotia
Jim Melchert, visual artist, Oakland, CA
Erwin Kelen, Minneapolis
Richard Sigmund, painter, Brooklyn, New York
Archie Rand, Painter, Brooklyn, New York
Thomas Leslie Rose, architect, Milwaukee
Arthur C. Danto, philosopher, New York
Bryant Griffith, educator, Corpus Christi, Texas
Bob Williams, writer, Miami, Florida
Tim Miller, performance artist, Los Angeles
Larry Connolly, writer, San Francisco
George Laboucane, educator, Edmonton, Alberta
Mark Cutright, educator, NC