Beijing Collaboration - Studio Visit - Wang Youshen

Beijing May 23 — June 5 2013

We have had several studio visits—to Wang Youshen’s in the outskirts of Beijing where we were entertained by Mr. Jin Zhang and Liu Pin in a magnificent studio museum space— Lotus Art, Wang Youshen’s studio is here and we had an opportunity to see the work area he has to develop his large scale “Washing” works.

A highlight was being asked to attend the Masters Exhibition opening on the 38th floor of the south SOHO building in the financial District —that was a wonderful experience for our students and a unique experience for the new MFA’s from the Film Institute.

It was a great pleasure to be welcomed to the Beijing studio of Xu Bing and to have him discuss his shadow works as well as several large scale installation and public works, one of which is being developed for the Victoria & Albert Museum forecourt in London.

Students and faculty from the BFA and our students, with Paul Shambroom and I, have been entertained at dinners and lunches through out the visit. Our students have taken the opportunity to explore Beijing on foot, taxi, and subway and have almost become Beijingers.